Up until now, I had never written a blog and never, if I’m honest, had the desire to put myself out. For me, blogs were time consuming hobby which being a database guy I could never afford due to late night works and always disturbed weekend routines, I although, always felt that I had always something to share with known world around me.


Writing was never my strong suite (as my graduation classmates will endorse my feeling about writing anything something lol) so if any of my class mate are reading this they would not only understand but will also agree. But then as you get experienced sharp, and maybe wiser, you become more comfortable in expressing yourself in a reasonable way and yes, you’ve guessed it, more opinionated.


So what’s changed, and why do I find myself looking forward to hitting keys and talking about things I think valuable to digital or social world. Well it all began with a feel of being socially present in internet world besides LinkedIn, another great way to touch base a lot random people. So guys here I am …