It could be very frustrating to deal with something that just shove over to you and you have no idea what to do in order to keep it up, running and available. MongoDB administration could be one of those things where DBAs are assign the responsibility manage and take care since MongoDB has DB keyword in it so it goes to DBAs by default.

We learned it just last year and try to compile these five things you must do  in order to make sure that your prod environment stays up , health and allow some high-level visibility.  I am sure there will be number of items to it depending on what and how are you using mongo in your environment.

1) Licensing,

Be clear about your licensing, terms and conditions. Mongo is not like Microsoft where you can have down level environment running in development edition and no one cares about licensing. If you use prod data restore in down level you need a license Yes it is Correct. It is true if you are running Mongod instances in your disaster recovery site. You can have one license and can run multiple Mongod on it with same licensing.

2)Install Ops Dashboard

Enterprise licensing comes with Ops Manager subscription, deploy and configure it as soon you get some time, it helps you a lot in order to keep environment monitored and healthy.  It is also great tool to have detail visibility to your mongo instances.  Use it for setting your users login password etc.

3)Play with Mongo Compass

Mongo Compass is another great visual tool to have visibility to your schema less collections, documents, indexes and data distribution & growth.

4)Install Robo Mongo/Robo3T

It is a free tool to work with mongo databases and collections in it. You can see, edit and save documents.

5)Setup Mongo Backups and Restores

Do not forget to setup backups and restore. This is something that can save you from several embarrassing occasions. Learn more how to do it here

There are few more like database access, user authentication, ports opening and where to find logs.







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