Microsoft Database Professional, MongoDB DBA, Mongodb, Mongo Ops Manager 3.4, Neo4j,

Over 15 years of Information Technology experience with the last 12 years focused on mastering the Microsoft SQL Server platform including Power BI data Science algorithms and MongoDB.
My diverse background of hands-on experience has resulted in a strong foundation of SQL Server knowledge, a mastery of the art of architect, managing and maintain very large scale of databases (2TB+ transnational). My background of administrating financial, healthcare, mortgage, and retails data makes me very unique database administer to work with.

My overall experience and exposure to the IT infrastructure like virtualization, SAN planning and monitoring and understanding of advance networking concepts really compliments my DBA skillset.

After being exposed to industry leading NoSQL solution MongoDB, I have developed a strong knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience to work with MongoDB platform. I am very proficient in planning and incorporating MongoDB databases to existing relational infrastructure.